Culinary seekers make the pilgrimage to Helena Stoquelet’s La Bottega del 30 in tiny Villa a Sesta, who brings the passion of her life to this uniquely special farmhouse restaurant, now celebrating 20 straight years with a Michelin star.

VILLA A SESTA, ITALY, February 2, 2017 – La Bottega del 30 is an extraordinary Michelin-starred restaurant in the tiny hamlet of Villa A Sesta in the hills of Tuscany 15 miles east of Sienna. The lifetime achievement of Franco and Helene Stoquelet, and in its 20th year holding a Michelin star, the actual experience of this culinary treasure is a blindingly transcendent example of what the best of haute cuisine, tradition, and passion for life can produce.

Michelin starred Chef Helene Stoquelet in front of La Bottega del 30. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)

Without exaggeration, La Bottega del 30 delivers one of the greatest evenings of fine dining imaginable, intimate, ambitious, daring, exquisite, a treasure of unimaginable proportions that exists in its own space and time, incomparable on many levels, creating its own universe of which it is the master.